Egypt, September 20th: Al Manhal signed an ePublishing agreement with Anglo Egyptian Bookshop which is considered to be one of the largest and oldest publishing houses in Egypt. The agreement gives  Al Manhal rights to publish and distribute the diverse content of the Anglo-Egyptian Bookshop, through its electronic platform to meet the needs of researchers in universities, researcher centers and scientific socities. Both sides confirmed sides keenness to support the project to keep up with developments and new technologies in the world of electronic publishing.

The Anglo-Egyptian library is characterized by the diversity of intellectual production in all fields of culture and science, so as to increase their versions for three thousand books.

Al Manhal is the only full-text searchable platform for Arabic electronic publications, where publishers can display their print publications electronically using the best-in-class intelligent platform, and where library users, research centers and scientific societies can access their content, regionally and globally using one of the most advanced research platforms.