Algeria, October 1st: Al Manhal participated in Algeria’s 17th International Book Fair through Mr. Mohammad Abed Rabo’s attendance,  from Al Manhal’s content acquisition team. The participation in the fair comes from the company’s commitment to enhance the Arabic society pace in the field of information technology and the global digital trend; through providing the first and only full-text searchable Arabic content platform.

On the sidelines of this participation, Al Manhal met with hundreds of Arab publishers to introduce its products and services, as a result, Al Manhal signed with several publishers from different regions in the Arab world.

Participating publishers expressed their keenness about the Al Manhal project to enrich Arabic content through making it more easily accessible worldwide, as well as excitement regarding all the products and services that Al Manhal provides to its publishing partners and customers, especially its commitment to copy right protection of all publishers and researchers work.

Al Manhal is the only full-text searchable platform for Arabic electronic publications, where publishers can display their print publications electronically using the best-in-class intelligent platform, and where library users, research centers and scientific societies can access their content, regionally and globally using one of the most advanced research platforms.