Al Mafraq, October 7th: Aal al Bayt University and Al Manhal Technologies Sign an ePublishing Agreement on Wednesday, 3rd of October, 2012 to build an online database for the universities scientific and academic content on Al Manhal’s platform.

Under the agreement, Al Manhal develops a database for Aal al Bayt Universitys’ content; such as books, scientific journals, scientific conferences and dissertations, for the aim of expanding the exchange of knowledge and information for students and researchers.

The agreement was signed by Professor Dr. Fares Mashaqbeh; the President of  Aal al Bayt University, and  Mr. Mohammed al-Baghdadi; Al Manhal’s Chief Executive Officer. Present were also, Al Manhal’s General Manager, Mr. Basheer Al Nasser, and a number of officials at the university. Dr. Mashaqbeh praised the leading role of Al Manhal in building a full-text searchable database for academic and scientific Arabic content; and is a broad database for all academic and scientific users.

Mr. Baghdadi stressed the company’s goal, which is based in Dubai, in the aim of eliminating the barriers to easily accessible academic Arabic content, and the importance of creating an open environment to ease the exchange of scientific and cultural materials between institutions, publishing houses, universities, and scientific research institutions in the Arab world.

All of Al Manhal’s branches use the best-in-class technologies and research tools, which makes it one of the leading Arabic eContent provides, and one of the most diverse on a scientific level. The agreement contained provisions of the rights of both parties and matters of administrative and financial aspects.