Amman, October 12, 2011: Jadara University tapped the global electronic publishing world through the agreement signed by Dr. Mohammed Taamneh, President of the University, with Mr. Bashir Nasser, Director General of Manhal Technology Company at the office of the President of the University.
The agreement allows Al- Manhal to publish the theses released by the University on the World Wide Web through Al- Manhal system for academic, scientific and professional research issued electronically in the Arab world.
For his part, Dr. Mohammed Taamneh said that signing this agreement will raise the level of scientific and professional publications of the University. The agreement will allow a greater opportunity for researchers to have their research viewed by the largest number of people interested with the subjects and research published worldwide.

General Manager of Al-Manhal, Mr. Bashir Al-Nasser, said that Al-Manhal aims to meet the growing demand of medical and academic institutions and research centers in the Arab world and worldwide for digital content issued in the Arab world. Al- Nasser added that Al-Manhal provides the same research systems trusted by thousands of publishers around the world for publishing their books, periodicals, and theses for more than 17 million users and more than 14000 institutions in more than 140 countries in the world.

The signing ceremony was attended by Dr. Ali Al-Hallaq, director of the library, Mr. Mahmoud Al-Tal, Director of Public Relations, and Mr. Mohammed Abed Rabbo of Al-Manhal.