India, March 2: Islamic Fiqh Academy, located in India, signed an ePublishing agreement with Al Manhal. This agreement gives Al Manhal copyrights to electronically publish and distribute the Academy’s journal “Modawana”, through its online databases.


Modawana is a peer-reviewed, scientific journal concerned with publishing research and studies in Shari’ah sciences; named after the al-Nafisa encyclopedia created by al-Imam Sahnoon; may he rest in peace. Modawana is managed by Dr. Abu Al Yasir Rasheed Kahous, a doctor at the faculty of Theology in Tetouan at the University of Al-Qarawiyyin in Morocco. The journal is published on a quarterly basis (i.e. every three months), and is made up of a respectable scientific committee and consultants of scientists and professors from multiple Islamic countries who are known for their insightful knowledge, moderation and transparency.


The Islamic Fiqh Academy was founded by Sheikh Al Qasmi, may he rest in peace, in late 1988 in India, and is a cultural academy established under the guidance and supervision of well-known Islamic Scholars specialized in modern medicine, Law, Sociology, Psychology and Economics. The aim of this academy is to find solutions for contemporary issues among other certain global affairs.


The academy, since its establishment, has effectively taken balanced methods in maintaining strong relations with various national and international scholars and combining their different scholarly work, regardless of their differences in sects and schools of thought. In order for this noble aim to be achieved, the academy has arranged scientific activities, global seminars, and publishes diverse content in both Arabic and Urdu.


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