Washington, June 23: The Headquarters of the International Institute of Islamic Thought is located in Herndon, Virginia, Washington DC. The Institute has signed an ePublishing agreement with Al Manhal, which gives Al Manhal copyrights to electronically publish and distribute the publication of the International Institute of Islamic Thought through its online databases.

The International Institute of Islamic Thought is an intellectual research institution concerned with reforming Islamic thought and methodologies. Its mission is to enable the nation to regain its cultural identity, inform its humanitarian mission, become more active and present on a global level, and help national institutions take advantage of opportunities, overcome challenges, and contribute to human civilizational progress.

Along with the guidance of divine revelation, the Institute is working to offer an ontology and overview of Islamic affairs, as well as to nurture the close connection between revelation, knowledge and values. This objective is achieved through linking modules to the purposes and goals of the Islamic Supreme, and conducting Institute projects in various scientific fields, in particular the social sciences and humanities.

The International Institute of Islamic Thought gives thanks to God Almighty.

Its mission is also to deepen awareness about the nation's intellectuals and thinkers, to explore the nature of intellectual and emotional crisis, and to highlight the impact of the intellectual and emotional dimension upon the destruction of the Islamic civilizational project.


It has also contributed to the study, diagnosis and symptoms of the phenomena of the illness in the Islamic nation.

With the active participation of many scientists, researchers and thinkers from different classes of the nation, the Institute Plans to begin to implement programs which serve its agenda of reforming the current system.

Progress is being made for the Institute through hundreds of conferences, seminars and scientific sessions organized at the local, regional and global levels, attended by thousands of researchers and intellectuals from various disciplines and schools of thought. Adding to that the hundreds of books published by the Institute in different languages, the reach of the Institute is impressively large.

The Institute’s Arabic and English journals have widely disseminated original scientific works concerning how the nation's scientists and thinkers are addressing the challenges facing human knowledge and Islamic discourse, helping to expand the horizons of knowledge.

Across all of the Institute’s operations and activities, the values of openness and cooperation have remained like pillars. It has been an eager project of the Institute to explore joint work with several scientific bodies, universities and centers of public and private research in different countries.

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