Lebanon, October 14: Al Manhal and the Centre for Arab Unity Studies have signed an ePublishing agreement. By the agreement, Al Manhal has gained copyrights to electronically publish and distribute books and scientific journals on its platform to fill the research needs of researchers and beneficiaries at universities, centers and scientific institutes across the world; while assuring the provision of excellent electronic services to full-fill those needs.


The Centre for Arab Unity studies is considered to be one of the most prestigious institutions in the Arab world, and is am Arabic center whose solely devoted to scientific research in different areas of Arab societies and Arab unity. The center was founded in 1975 and is based in Beirut. Its purpose is to develop scientific research on various aspects of Arab society and Arab unity away from all political activity or government or party affiliations.


The center publishes multiple document types, one of which is a yearly report. It also publishes four peer-reviewed journals, which are: The Arab Future, The Arab Journal for Political Sciences, Journal of Arab Economic Research, Majallat Idafat (Arab Journal for Social Sciences). Additionally, the center publishes research books and studies that take on different subject areas related to Arab Societies and issues of Arab unity and nationalism. It is an independent scientific institution, interested in research publications related to the fate of the Arab nation, in which it provides a call for Arab unity through cultural work through independent scientific research with faith in the cause of Arab unity.


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