Amman, May 6th: Al Manhal is pleased to announce the release of its revamped website. The new website features the launch of Al Manhal's new products, an interactive facade and user-friendly layout.

Since Al Manhal’s launch in 2011, website traffic has been constantly growing. The new website is designed to facilitate a more “easy to use” interface to complement the high usage rate. While maintaining the same feel and look of the corporate identity, a revamp of Al Manhal’s facade was undertaken.                    

Mr. Tommaso Sansoni, Director of Operations, stated that the value of the website is not only derived from the Middle East's increasing involvement in technological advancements, but also from the nature of Al Manhal’s industry. As one of the leading companies in the region's e-publishing sector, Al Manhal strives to maintain optimum standards for its electronic content at all time in order to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

The website has been designed with a concept of being more interactive for all types of users; and to bring about a more interesting sight for all of our valued customers and interested parties to enjoy.