Al Manhal, the only full-text searchable platform for Arabic publications, officially released Dar Al Jaleel eReports during the Special Libraries Association (Gulf Chapter) in Bahrain, where hundreds of universities, publishing houses, and ePublishers gathered to develop and strengthen ties.

Dar Al Jaleel, established in 1978, is a Research Organization which focuses on the Arab-Israeli conflict and associated geopolitical topics. It is considered today to be one of the most reputable sources for research and analysis of socio-political and economic matters of the region.

On his part, Mr Ghazi Al Sa’di General Manager of Dar Al Jaleel; and an expert on Israeli affairs and Arab conflict stated that since documented information forms the basis of education and scientific research, he expressed his fulfillment by this agreement which aims to spread the benefits of these studies to all interested researchers on all aspects of this conflict. Mr. Ghazi also added that Al Manhal is one of the strongest and most important platforms for Arabic content, which will deliver these experiences, information and analyses in larger quantities and will be a reliable source for researchers and universities to access them wherever they are located. He added that the main goal stems from the belief that it is the duty of this partnership to change and reform the understanding of the nature of the conflict, and therefore, Al Jaleel team is eager and certain that this goal will be achieved through its partnership with Al Manhal.

Mr. Mohamed Al Baghdadi, Al Manhal CEO, stated he is pleased to have such a well renowned institution sign a publishing agreement with Al Manhal, aiding the technological revolution by enriching the Arabic electronic content and building an Arabic database specialized for universities and scientific and research centers.

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