Middle East Strategic Studies Online (MESSO) is the most comprehensive source for research, intelligence and analysis in Middle East affairs. The database includes a wide range of publications from 2007 onward that includes working papers, research reports, essays, policy briefs, newspaper articles, case studies and conference proceedings from the leading think tanks and research institutes across the Middle East.

MESSO is a vital tool for any practitioner or researcher of Middle Eastern affairs. It focuses on political, economic, social and security issues across the region. The growing list of over 6,000 publications provides coverage of:

  • Arab-Israeli affairs
  • Elections and changes of government across the region
  • Social issues such as education, healthcare, immigration, refugees and asylum
  • Wars, treatises, and diplomacy
  • Military, defense and security
  • Terrorism and issues of internal security
  • Legislation, budgets, economic developments and international agreements

Why Al Manhal’s Middle East Strategic Studies Online (MESSO)

  • Over 6,000 publications with more added every day
  • Full-text searchable database of Arabic and English
  • Content from the Middle East
  • Research dating back to 2007
  • Unlimited simultaneous access

Selection of Growing Publishers

  • Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies
  • Al-Quds Center for Political Studies
  • Jaleel for Publishing & Palestinian Research & Studies
  • The Egyptian Center for Public Policy Studies
  • The Royal Committee for Jerusalem Affairs
  • MADAR: The Palestinian Forum for Israeli Studies
  • Al-Bayan

Title List

Report Title Language Frequency First Issue
Jaleel Reports DASH Arabic Daily 2009
Jerusalem in the Jordanian press and al-Quds Jerusalem Newspaper Arabic Daily 2013
Middle East Insider Arabic, English Daily 2013
Military report (Jaleel) Arabic Monthly 2009
Economic report (Jaleel) Arabic Monthly 2009
The Strategic Assessment (Ara + Eng) Arabic, English Monthly 2013
The special weekly report (limited distribution) (Jaleel) Arabic Weekly 2008
Saudi and the Gulf (Jaleel) Arabic Weekly 2008
The Yellow Group (Jaleel) Arabic Weekly 2008
Analsysis by Ghazi Saadi (Jaleel) Arabic Weekly 2008
Iraq and Iran in Israeli press (Jaleel) Arabic Weekly 2008
Israeli Government Affairs (Jaleel) Arabic Weekly 2008
Specialized Madar Report Arabic Weekly 2012
Economic Studies Unit English Irregular 2014
Egyptian Studies Program English Irregular 2015
Domestic Transformations Unit English Irregular 2016
Crisis Analysis English Irregular 2017
Regional Relations Unit English Irregular 2018
Islamic Movement Studies Program English Irregular 2019
Monthly Middle Eastern Arabic Irregular 2007
The Strategic Report : Middle East Studies Center (The Report : Middle East Studies Center) Arabic Irregular 1991
Afaq Istratijiyyah (Strategic Horizons) Arabic Weekly 2005
Policy Analysis Arabic, English Irregular 2011
Case Analysis Arabic, English Irregular 2011
Albayan Arabic yearly 2005
Egyptian Center Socia lReport Arabic Irregular 2012
Egyptian Center Legal Report Arabic Irregular 2012
Egyptian Center Annual Report Arabic yearly 2013
Assessment Report English Irregular 2014
Variety of Political Report English Irregular 2016
The Egyptian Center for Public Policy Studies Policy Papers Arabic yearly 2013