• Scanning

    Image scanning papers of different sizes and materials, using ‘best-practice’ technology for quality and speed in any standard format, with color and brightness adjustment to enhance the image resolution. Images are compressed when saved to increase storage space.

  • OCR

    Optical Character Recognition - OCR, the process of converting an image into text. A well-developed technique with a very high accuracy rate. Proven ability to recognize images of text of different languages including: Arabic, Turkish, Persian, and Latin based like French, English and German.

    In addition, we offer conversion to editable text or to alternate formats like Kindle, ePub, HTML and XML, etc., as well as a high professional editing service provided by typesetting and editing specialists.

Cataloging and Indexing

  • Metadata Creation

    Creating and managing MARC21 records sets the standardization of library systems, provides global access, and maximizes the visibility and usability of all content with the use of specific global standards such as Library of Congress Subject Headings, RDA compliancy, transliterations, etc. Metadata extraction services are provided to all types of information resources, both print and digital, including ancient Arabic manuscripts.

  • Indexing

    An automatic procedure to retrieve an index after submitting the metadata and the full text for the documents. The digitized documents are then hosted as a database in an online platform. The content can be accessed by either Browsing or Searching.

  • Cataloging
  • Combining the expertise of our Arabic language specialists with the Transliteration Schemes approved by ALA-LC and add typesetting and editing specialists to help people pronounce your records and names in any foreign language.