Riyadh, October 7th: The Saudi Society for Sociology and Social Work at the Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University signed an electronic publishing agreement with Al Manhal for ePublishing. The agreement aims to strengthen the cooperation and ties of The Saudi Society and Al Manhal, in order to electronically publish and distribute one of the Journals at the institute.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Abdullah bin Saad Al-Rashoud, and Dr. Mohammed bin Ali bin Mohammed Ateeq from one side. It was signed on behalf of Al Manhal by Mr. Mohammed Attia Shafi, Content Development Manager, in the presence of Dr. Fawaz Al-Ghamdi.

Under the agreement, Al Manhal gained the copyrights of the scientific publications of the society, in order to electronically publish and distribute its material, using the best-in-class technology for full-text searchable Arabic content. Both sides stressed on the importance of such an agreement in the enrichment of Arabic digital content through building high quality databases of books and journals specialized for universities, research centers and scientific societies.