Amman, September 11: Al Manal signed an ePublishing agreement with Amman University, Tuesday 2nd of September, 2014. By the agreement, Al Manhal is now licensed to electronically distribute the university’s publications. Dr. Omar Al Jarrah, University President and Mr. Basheer Al Nasser, Al Manhal General Manager, established that by this agreement, Al Manhal will now be able to electronically publish and distribute the university’s content from Masters and Doctoral programs through various distributions lines to users across the globe with access to the Al Manhal platform from universities and research centers. Attending the signing agreements were Dr. Mohammad Abbas, Library Manager and Mr. Mohamad Al Baghdadi President & CEO of Al Manhal and Mr. Summow Al Saleh, Manager at TechKnowledge.

This agreement follows the university’s vision, headed by Dr. Omar Al Jarrah, who sets to develop Arabic scientific and literature ePublishing in order to give users across the globe access to the finding and research of the Arab mind; and also to enhance communication between academic and scientific entities to introduce them to the contemporary Islamic and Arabic thought.

Al Manhal platform is run by Al Manhal, a private independent company based in Dubai, with offices in Amman and Cairo. The platform is the sole provider of Arabic peer-reviewed publications which are 100% full-text searchable. Additionally, Al Manhal follows strict copyright protection methodologies to ensure the safety and guarantee all publisher’s publications are not subjected to threat of theft or copyright infringements.

Al Manhal combines publishing and library industry expertise with best-in-class technology to enable academics, researchers and library users to efficiently discover and access thousands of electronic publications from the Arab world’s leading publishers and research institutes. Al Manhal has formed partnerships with approximately 400 institutes and publishing houses in the Arab world, with their content represented on Al Manhal platform that provides complete databases of eBooks, eJouranls, eReports, eDissertations and eClusters.

In addition, Al Manhal has formed a partnership with CrossRef (®DOI) to create DOIs for all its publishers, and registers them with the CrossRef citation linking network. The DOI will not only facilitate effortless searching capability for users but also drive higher usage of the publications, granting our publishers’ publications a wider outreach.

Al Manhal has partnered with EDS (EBSCO Discovery Services) and SUMMON™ (Web discovery service) to index Al Manhal’s entire database of books, journals theses and reports for maximum discovery and increased exposure for our publishers’ content.

Al Manhal has partnered with Turnitin, the world’s leading plagiarism prevention tool used by millions of students and thousands of institutions internationally, to ensure the appropriate use of our content. This service will ensure that Al Manhal databases of authoritative content are used in the appropriate ways to produce the highest quality research and learning.