Beirut, January 18: Dar El Marefah for Printing & Publishing signed an ePublishing agreement with Al Manhal. The agreement was signed by Mr. Adnan Ibrahim Foladkar; General Manager of Dar El Marefeh; and Mr. Ibraheem Al Shlool from Al Manhal.


This agreement gives Al Manhal copyrights to electronically publish and distribute Dar El Marefeh’s content through its databases. Founded by Mr. Ibrahim Foladkar in 1969 in Beirut, Dar El Marefeh is a cultural institute which aims to disseminate knowledge related to Islamic and Arabic heritage. With his faith in the publishing house, Dar El Marefeh built an authoritative role in the distribution of Arab and Islamic culture and heritage. The publishing house, for more than 45 year, has been publishing books and other resources in different fields, but mainly books on the Arabic language and Islamic jurisprudence. It took a serious and sincere interest in Hadith books, in which it researched, indexed, classified and printed them for publishing with excellent quality standards. Dar El Marefeh also played a role in disseminating Islamic thought in various sciences for contemporary and unique authors, such as but not limited to: Doctor Zaghloul Al Najjar, Dr. Mohammad Saleem Al Owa, Dr. Ali Al Salabi, Dr. Ahmad Al Kabisi, Dr. Sheikh Khalid Al Jundi, al-Da’iyah Khaid Omar… Committed to upholding Islamic ethics and standards of quality in the publication, Dar Al Marefeh has always been.


It’s noteworthy to mention that Al Manhal is the only full-text searchable platform for Arabic electronic publications, where publishers can display their print publications electronically using the best-in-class intelligent platform, and where library users, research centers and scientific societies can access their content, regionally and globally using one of the most advanced research platforms.