Under the patronage of the Algerian Ministry of Culture, Al Manhal is pleased to meet you again at the 23rd International Book Fair in Algeria. This unique cultural event allows us to cooperate with you and enrich common interests to serve the academic communities and support researchers and academics.

The event aims to:

- Promoting books as an essential intermediary in the transfer of knowledge.

- Providing a unique opportunity to learn about new intellectual, literary, scientific and artistic productions in Algeria and around the world.

- Promote and and enhance reading and meeting every reader's need.

- Providing a framework for the development of professional partnerships in the publishing and distribution of books nationally and internationally.

- Promoting dialogue and cultural and intellectual exchange.

 Al-Manhal offers Arabic databases that can be searched by the full text of the educational institutions and universities in the system of annual subscriptions, in addition to our other educational services.

Looking forward to meet with you soon in booth number U33.