Riyadh, April 4th: Al Manhal, the leading platform for Arabic publications, has signed with Obeikan for Research and Development. The agreement was signed by Mr. Mohammad Bin Abdallah Mohammad Al Freih, President of Publishing and Translation; Mr. Mohammad Al Shafi, Content Development Manager at Al Manhal, in the presence of Mr. Arif AbdulRahman Attiyeh, Vice President of Publishing and Translation at Obeikan company, along with with Mr. Khaled Othman Al Darwish.

In accordance to the agreement, Al Manhal received copyrights to publish Obeikans cultural and scientific releases and publications in its specialized categories on its database, in order to make them available for scientific institutions through a yearly subscription, using the latest technology of full-text searchability of its content. Both sides discussed the importance of this agreement in enriching the digital Arabic content and to building an Arabic database specialized to assist Arabic and foreign universities, scientific and research centers through providing eBooks, and eJournals of high quality.

From his side, Mr. Mohammad Bin Abdullah Al Freih, President of Obeikan stated that this agreement gives an added value to electronic content in the Arab world  in the face of high technological advancements in the digital era. He also added that databases for university libraries and scientific and research centers form the most common and open space for research and retrieval of vast amounts and types of information; and this agreement will build an electronic database for Obeikan groups in the rise of the latest and most diverse global research platform.